Kindness makes a ripple

...and it starts with YOU

Come in and fill up on Creative Kindness!

Stop for a moment. Rest and refill.

The Dept. of Kindness is a place to notice, support and celebrate kindness… to yourself, and to others.

When we show ourselves kindness and compassion, it spills out, creating ripples of kindness in the world.

Throughout our website you’ll find creative materials to help you explore what kindness means to you and connect you with other kind-minded humans across the world.

Before long you’ll be bursting with ideas for how to infuse more of it into your life and the world around you!

Kindness is everywhere, come and notice it with us.

Kindness is everywhere

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Pop your details below and every day for a week we will share a kindness prompt, moment, or mini activity via email. They are all light and easy and aim to bring a little calm and reflection to your day.

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Wellbeing tools for young people

Room 627 is an online space to guide young people through the changes of moving from year 6 to year 7 with kindness and compassion.

Created in collaboration with Bath Mind, Room 627 is jam packed with completely FREE creative activities and meditations to give young people the support they need.


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When we show ourselves kindness, it overflows into the world around us. Refill your kindness cup in our 4-week online course.

Kindness is everywhere

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