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10 films to give you a heart glow
December 3, 2020

In the winter I like nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket with a mug of cocoa and vanishing into a film that gives me all the feels.

It’s my go-to self care strategy when the world gets too much as well, as it reminds me of all the goodness we’re surrounded by.

Below I’m sharing 10 of my favourite films to watch that give me a heart glow. It was hard narrowing down the list, so expect more suggestions in future…😉

1: Life in A Day

Among all the sci-fi, Ridley Scott occasionally brings out a film that simply makes you really appreciate the world. Life in a Day is a crowdsourced documentary film, comprised of 80,000 self-filmed clips from people around the world of their lives on one single day… 24 July 2010.

2: Eddie the Eagle

This well known real-life story was beautifully told in film form just a few years ago. It’ll remind you of the power of determination and trying.

3: Chef

I’m a massive foodie, so a film titled ‘chef’ was bound to appeal to me. If you like drooling over delicious food and films about what’s truly important in life then this Jon Favreau feast is for you.

4: The Paddingtons

The Paddington books were some of my favourite growing up (it’s how I became fascinated with the idea of a knickerbockerglory), so when I first heard that a film had been made I was incredibly skeptical it was going to be done well.

I was over the moon when I watched the first Paddington movie and I found it to be an absolute delight. In my opinion, both Paddington and Paddington 2 capture the heart and essence of the books, and leave you feeling like you’ve just had a giant (sticky marmalade) bear hug.

5: Stranger Than Fiction

I can’t even remember how I came across this quirky movie, but it’s one of my firm favourites now… a reminder that we need to take risks to experience life fully.

It’s got a phenomenal cast, with Will Ferrell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman & Queen Latifah. Even if you’re not a Will Ferrell fan this isn’t his usual role… give it a go.

6: Up

I’m not sure a list of my favourite films would be complete without a Pixar film in it somewhere. Up is a beautiful commentary about human connection and the importance of the small things in life.

Oh, and it’s Pixar, so it’s guaranteed to make you cry of course.

7: Little Miss Sunshine

It’s over 14 years old now, but I think this dark comedy still holds its own, and gives some beautiful lessons in staying true to yourself and standing by the people you love.

8: The Muppets

To be honest, you could watch pretty much any of the Muppet movies and get that warm fuzzy feeling, but this 2011 film is a particularly excellent one. It’s a perfect mix of usual muppet whimsy and nonsense, and a deep reflection on finding where you belong in life.

9: Harvey

I can’t get enough of this 1950’s classic based on the Mary Chase play of the same name. It stars James Stuart, who plays a man insistent that he has a six-foot tall invisible rabbit as a best friend, and is thought by everyone around him to be insane. But things may not be what they seem. It’s a gentle movie that makes the perfect festive watch. 

10: Into the Spiderverse

Not your average comic book movie.

Even if you’re not typically into the genre, Into the Spiderverse stands alone in its own extraordinary category. It won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film for a very good reason; not only is it a visual spectacle, but it tells a deeply moving story that leaves you with sense that you have the power to change the world.

I hope you found something here to tickle your senses.

Whether you discovered a new movie you hadn’t heard of, or just had a reminder to re-watch something, why not create your own snuggle zone and fill up on the heart glow.

Rhiannon x

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  1. Other Films to consider?
    The Lady in the Water (M Night Shayamalan) – ordinary folk living in a motel find that they are more special than they seem, despite their personal pain and even though society may consider them weird outcasts.

    Lion (true story adaption starring Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel) Story of young boy lost in India after falling asleep on a train. Eventually adopted by an Australian couple but never stops thinking of his mother and home. The story of how with the support of family and friends he finally finds them again.

    I could name so many more


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