The Dept of Kindness started in the middle of a busy ward in Southmead Hospital, Bristol.

There artist Ali Brown and a patient were talking as they were making together:

The patient said…

“Kindness is everywhere. You just have to notice it”

These words stayed with Ali as she worked with many more patients and staff all over the hospital site. Time and time again Ali noticed the kindness, that really was everywhere! Often hidden, in the little, everyday human things. Passing by unnoticed and under celebrated. Ali asked  – How can we notice kindness more?

And so nestled in the hospital atrium The Dept of Kindness was created.A place to stop and notice kindness. To share where you have seen it, and how it has impacted you. A place that celebrates the Kindness Warriors, whose seemingly small, everyday actions, can change the course someones of life and our world.

Over 700 people stepped inside the Dept to share an Incident of Kindness. Together they have built a new culture of kindness. One that values and celebrates it – knowing that kindness changes everything.

In creative kindness workshops we noticed that often the hardest kindness to show is to yourself.

We asked: What does it mean to be kind to yourself? What are the things that stop us from being kind to ourselves?

The answers we found offered permission to prioritise self kindness and together we began to cultivate a little more self compassion.

The world needs us to notice and celebrate kindness now more than ever. Do you know a place that benefit from cultivating a little more kindness?

If you would like to host The Dept of Kindness at your work, school or event get in touch here.