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I See You project with the NHS
July 6, 2020

We have created a series of twelve posters with messages of kindness in a project called I See You.

Over the last few months these posters were placed in Bristol’s Nightingale hospital, Bristol University Hospital, and Southmead Hospital, the RUH in Bath, Weston General and Taunton Hospital.

The messages featured were gathered from from the hospital community at Southmead Hospital Bristol over the last 5 years, they share the voices of patients, staff and visitors. These posters aim to lift the spirts of those who see them, and bring a message of hope, encouragement and kindness to NHS staff who spend their days caring for others.

At first glance these signs are a jumble of letters but as you look they slowly reveal a message just for you:

Where the idea came from

Ali came up with the idea whilst sitting in a hospital waiting room. She explains:

“I noticed several optician boards in the corridor outside. I have always loved the look of those boards. Even though they are usually full of random letters, my brain always tries to work out what they are saying, to find the words. I thought ‘wouldn’t it be be great if they contained a hidden message!’ So I designed my own versions.

At first glance the signs appear to just be a jumble of letters, but if you look closer they slowly reveal a message just for you. A message that you might really need to hear in that moment. They are a reminder that I see you, you are connected to and a part of a bigger community who cares for you.”


The posters are now available to purchase from our online shop, with 50% of the profits donated to Southmead Hospital Charity. Why not get one for your wall!



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