Kindness makes a ripple
January 18, 2022

Every time you show up with kindness in your life, it makes a ripple into your universe.

Research shows that when you share kindness and compassion with one other person they will pass that kindness on to someone else… and that person will pass kindness on to another person… and them to another… and so on. One small moment of kindness and compassion sends out a ripple of kindness that can reach over a hundred people.

Just listen to Dr David Hamilton talking about it in this video…

It doesn’t take grand acts of kindness to create these ripples either. Moments as small as a smile, a touch, a spontaneous cup of tea delivery or an acknowledgement can be incredibly powerful.

All we need to do is remind ourselves that kindness is an innate human quality. It doesn’t have to be forced, it is not another thing we ‘have to do’ – instead it is about tending to the connections in our world every day with kindness and compassion.

Fill your kindness cup first

Showing kindness to others when we are depleted ourselves is hard, and showing kindness to others when we feel full up of kindness ourselves comes naturally. When we fill our own self kindness stash, the kindness eventually overspills into the world around us with ease and flow – without us even having to try.

We may tell ourselves that making time for self kindness is selfish or self-absorbed, but to show kindness to ourselves is to show kindness to others. One cannot exist without the other.

Want to make ripples of kindness in your world? Start by tending to yourself – find free resources here!


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