Kindness shop window trail in Bath this October
October 8, 2020
For World Mental Health Day 2020 we’re working in collaboration with Bath Mind to bring kindness and compassion to the streets of Bath.

From Friday 9th October – Monday 19th October 2020 you’ll find kindness displays in several shop windows around the city. We’ve worked with illustrator Sam Church to bring to life the thoughts and words from young people and the Bath community over the past 2 years, including our recent project with year 6 pupils from Newbridge primary school.

Through the window displays we’ll celebrate and share with you inspiration and words of wisdom gathered through our projects, exploring what kindness means, how we can show kindness to ourselves, how we can be kind to others and how kindness can change the world around us.

If you live in the area, come and take a look!

You can see which shops are taking part below, and you can find out more about the project and the other support Bath Mind is offering for World Mental Health Day on their website:

1: Anthropologie

2: Good Day Cafe

3: Mind Charity Shop

4: Holburne Museum

1: Anthropologie – Kindness is Everywhere

2: Good Day Cafe – Kindness Ripples Out

3: Mind Charity Shop – Kindness Starts With You

4: The Holburn Museum – Spoonful of Kindness (in the café windows)


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