What is kindness?

We all know intrinsically what it is to be kind, and how it makes us feel. If you think about it now, you might feel some kind of heart-glow sensation, calm, joy or happiness.

Yet kindness can be quite a hard concept to pin down, because what it actually means to be kind is different for all of us, and can change at the snap of the fingers. 

Here’s what we believe:

Kindness is everywhere

You just have to notice it.

Kindness is often a contradiction

One day, kindness could be going out of your way to phone a friend, and the next day kindness could be choosing not to call that friend.

Kindness is universally valued

…yet it’s also often disregarded as ‘fluff’, or seen as incompatible with some social systems where competition rules. This simply isn’t true.

Kindness is good for you

…and good for others too. It can improve your immune system, reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing. Just one act of kindness can spread to hundreds of other people – it really is infectious! Don’t believe us? Even doctors say it’s true [link to podcast].

Kindness is a core part of humanity

To be kind is to be human – it connects us all.

There are two types of kindness

There is kindness input, and kindness output. Kindness input is kindness to ourselves, and kindness output is kindness to others. We need both in our lives. Too much of one without the other can lead to disconnection and depression.

What does kindness mean to you?

To truly understand what kindness means to us, we need to take some time to go within ourselves. We need to let go of what we learned as children, because what our parents, teachers and peers taught us about kindness may not actually be true for us. We each have our own definition of kindness, which changes often, and we have our own journeys to discover it.

We’ve got your back with this though. All it takes is an open mind, a dash of awareness and a sprinkling of creativity (note: creativity does NOT mean artistic ability!)

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