My Year of Living Mindfully: A film by Shannon Harvey
November 17, 2020

This morning Ali & I joined an online discussion of the film ‘My Year of Living Mindfully’ by Shannon Harvey at The Compassion Revolution conference in Australia. It was a wonderful chat of an incredibly interesting film about the science of mindfulness and the impact it can have on lives.

We would highly recommend giving the film a watch – whether you’re new to mindfulness or not. here’s the trailer to give you a taste:

You can rent or purchase the film from the filmmaker’s website:

Ali & I have both been practicing mindfulness and meditation for years, but 2020 seems to have knocked us off course. Watching the film was a good reminder of how important mindfulness is in our lives and have set intentions to start up a simple daily practice again.

Practicing mindfulness can help increase compassion and kindness in our lives, especially to ourselves. If you’re completely new to mindfulness, and are interested in finding out how to get started, there’s a beginners guide on  Shannon harvey’s blog here:

Rhiannon x



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