The Hug Exchange
Need a hug?
November 11, 2020

Friday 13th November is International Kindness Day and we are opening The Hug Exchange in collaboration with The Compassion Revolution.

Hugs are an essential part of being human. They are comfort, connection, reassurance and love. They are a welcome, a beginning and an ending, and they make us feel good.

This pandemic has left a big gap where our hugs used to be.

We’ve been noticing all the hugs we’ve missed, and all the hugs we’ve had to hold back, and we started thinking… imagine if you could take those hugs suspended in time and send them across the world.

What if you could send your hug to a stranger and begin to fill the void left by all the missed hugs this year?

So we invented The Hug Generator and The Hug Exchange was born!

We need your hugs

We are collecting hugs; tiny hug stories, memories, moments, poems and feelings written by real humans from all over the world. Together they make up the world’s biggest collection of hugs.

You can visit The Hug Exchange and recieve your own written hug – then add your own to our ever-growing hug generator to be shared with someone else.

All our hugs are completely COVID-safe (the only thing you might catch is kindness), and guaranteed to help bust any blues… so leave your worries behind and step into your very own snuggly hug cloud.

Share your hugs. Change the world.


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