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The Dept. of Kindness is a creative collaboration between Ali Brown and Rhiannon Adler. We work with other brilliant people and organisations to bring our kindness projects to life.

Hi, I'm Ali Brown!

Founder of the Dept of Kindness

I am an artist, connector and creative permission giver, and I run creative wellbeing projects and workshops in the UK.

I use creativity as a tool for wellbeing; a tool to support you to know, like, and trust yourself. The Dept of Kindness gathers together everything I have learnt about kindness through many workshops and creative conversations with hundreds of people – I’m so excited to share this kindness knowledge with you, and guide you to explore kindness in your own life.

You can find out more about my work at:

Hi, I'm Rhiannon Adler!

Co-director & web guru of The Dept of Kindness

I’m a creative mentor, web designer, artist, crafter and baker, and I help creatives around the world run their businesses online.

I help people find focus and clarity by working with them to discover and follow their own path. I believe we have all the answers we need to guide us through life just waiting inside ourselves.

I’m a creative multipotentialite, and I’ve spent the last 13+ years exploring and learning self-care, mindfulness, meditation, kindness and compassion – unknowingly training me for The Dept. of Kindness!

You can find out more about my work at:

Creative Collaborators

We collaborate with wonderful humans all over the world who share our values of kindness and compassion. Here’s some of the excellent people and companies we’ve worked with:

Bath Mind

Compassion Revolution

Sam Church Illustration

Laurie Stansfield

Rachel Merelie Davis

Theatre Orchard

The Soul Spa

Royal Shakespeare Company

Kerry Russell

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