Self-kindness reset

A 4-week online course to kindify your life

January Revolutions

Do you need some time and space to nurture, reflect and come back to yourself?

Self-kindness reset is a 4 week online course where you can explore self-compassion, refill your kindness stash and set some intentions for the months ahead from a place of ‘enough-ness’.

The world needs kindness and compassion now more than ever, and it starts with you. When you’re kind to yourself, it creates ripples of kindness out into the world.

Become a ripple-maker. Enrol today.

January Revolutions

You will get:


A 4 week online course

Each week we will explore a kindness theme together. Every Sunday you will receive access to bite sized modules to take at your own pace. They are a combination of reflection and action with a dose of creativity.

Kindness Community

You’ll be invited to join our Facebook group to connect with other wonderful kindness Ripple Makers just like you. This space is completely dedicated to supporting your kindness journey.


A toolkit for the months ahead

Together we will craft intentions to move forward from a place filled with self-love and self-kindness.


Videos & audio

Whether you prefer to read, listen or watch, we have created content exclusively for this course to support you in your kindness journey.



Every week you’ll find activities with downloadable PDFs for you to print off and work through.

Kindness mindset

Kindness mindset

You will cultivate a powerful kindness mindset throughout the course, which will ripple out into every aspect of your life.


Lifetime access

Buy the course once and repeat it as often as you like. You’ll also be welcome to join future rounds of the course in the Facebook group.


Facebook lives

We’ll be running Facebook lives every week for the duration of the course to answer any questions you might have.

Why work with us?

We’ve helped thousands of people connect to kindness and compassion since we opened our doors back in 2016.

Over the years we’ve held creative workshops in person, shared our Cabinet of Compassion on the streets of the UK, held kindness exhibitions and brought people together from around the world to share hug moments.

We’ve decided to take our collective years of experience and bring you a course designed to kindify your life.

Read more about who we are on our About page.

I found each week inspiring, and found that often the ideas took me in a different direction than I thought they would.


There are many things which stick with me from the course but one of them is giving myself permission to …. I carry that with me every day.


Is this course for me?

This course is a great fit for you if…

You’re a heart-centred soul

You want to live with more loving kindness

You’re ready to commit to loving yourself
You want to reset your connection to yourself
You need an inspiration boost
You want to connect with kind-minded people around the world
You’re ready to ditch ‘not enough’ thinking and want to embrace believing you are enough just as you are

You want to explore the true essence of what kindness means to you


How it works

Several times a year we run a live round of the course.

Every Sunday you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the course modules for the week ahead, which you can work through at your own pace.

We will be right by your side cheering you on. Our Facebook community will be there to support and encourage you on your journey, and you can join us each week for a live session in the group.

As a founder Ripple Maker you will get the opportunity to repeat the course every time we re-run it live.

Doors are currently closed for enrolment, but you can join our mailing list to be the first to hear when the doors open again!


How much time do I need to commit each week?

It’s completely up to you. A couple of hours each week will give you plenty of time to work through each module, including reflection and action time.

We also know the power of the micro-dose, so if you only have 10 minutes to spare each week just pick one module and focus on that.

Don’t forget you’ll have lifetime access to the course, so it’s impossible to get behind, and if something doesn’t quite fit then leave it. You DON’T have to do everything. Take what you need and leave the rest.

How will it be delivered?

You will receive an email every Sunday with a link to the next week’s course modules. You’ll be given access to a password protected site where you’ll find links to all the lessons and activities.

When you enrol, we’ll send you an invitation to join our dedicated Facebook kindness community group, where you can chat and support each other on your course journey.

What if I can't make it to every week?
You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so you can complete each module in your own time.
If I fall behind can I catch up?
We don’t believe in ‘falling behind’… we believe you’ll work through the course at a pace that suits you and your life. You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so you can work through each week in your own time. You can also join in future rounds of the course through the Facebook group.
Do I have to be on Facebook for this course?
No, not at all! The course is hosted on our website, and we’ll communicate with you via email for the really important stuff, so if you’d rather just do the course for yourself and skip the Facebook group, you can. Do whatever feels right for you.
Is this only for people in the UK?
Nope, we’re inviting you to join wherever you are in the world! We send the weekly course emails out on Sundays at 8am GMT, so no matter where you live you’ll have access to the course materials by the Monday morning.

Facebook lives will be based in our timezone (GMT), but if you can’t make them live it’s no problem as we’ll post them up in the group afterwards.

Course costs are given in GBP and will be taken in GBP, so you may be charged an exchange fee by your bank if you are based outside of the UK – please check your bank for charges.

What materials do I need?
Pens, pencils, paper… nothing special. When we give you activities you’ll be able to use things you can find in your house, so there’s no need to buy anything extra.
Can I pay in instalments?

We don’t currently offer this directly, but you may be able to split your payments into 3 instalments using Paypal’s Pay in 3 service if you choose to pay via Paypal. This service is outside of our control, so we can’t guarantee it will be available to you.

Please check your eligibility with Paypal – you can find out more about their service here: 

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