Inside The Cabinet of Compassion, there is a place to leave your worries. 

Worries often get in the way of being here in the moment and noticing the good things around us. We all have worries, sometimes they feel like a little niggle you can’t quite put your finger on, and other times they can feel big and overwhelming.

Creativity is a great way to notice your worries and move through them and transform them into something new. 

Today’s Creative Kindness Challenge is to get creative with your worries.

Here are some materials you can use:

  • A pen
  • Some papers
  • A pritt stick
  • Old fabric
  • Wool/threads

Here’s how to do it:

Part 1

Find a piece of paper or fabric- give yourself 5 minutes to write down/draw/make marks about anything you are worried about at this moment.

Part 2

Find a way to transform your written down worries.

You could rip them up, or shred them and transform them into a collage. Or you could write them on fabric and wrap them up tightly bind them into a cocoon… whatever calls you.

Then create your own worry ritual  – bury them, burn them, throw them away.


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